Oh baby, that’s a baby hat

I have to admit that I am just a little bit proud of myself for this hat. Image

My cousin just had her 3rd little girl a few days ago and because I love making baby hats, but have no plans for a baby in the near future, I like to use my friends and family for their little ones. 

I’d been look at this pattern from the Purl Bee for months. Dreaming about it. Loving it. Wanting to make it, but not really having any baby to give it to. 

Well. Then my cousin had a gorgeous little girl and I knew my moment had arrived! Score! So I went to my local yarn shop (Busy Hands, Ann Arbor) and picked up a couple of skeins and a new set circulars and dpns. And I got to work yesterday afternoon.

I forgot to switch needles after the 10th row. I was supposed to go from a size 4 to a size 5. But I was already well into the fair isle part by the time I realized, and I’d ripped the damn thing out twice in my attempt to learn the pattern so I was not turning around again.

So I left it a little teenier than its supposed to be. But I am from the mindset that if its cute and it fits, than I don’t really care if I used the exact right needle. So there. Wanna fight about it? No I didn’t think so.

Now I just want to make more and more and more fair isle things. Every other pattern seems so boring after I’ve switched colors so many times. I think I’m in love.  

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Anyone?

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies Anyone?

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Finished Gloves and a New Blanket Project

I finally finished my mom’s gloves and mailed them out to her. She informed me this morning that they are wonderful indeed. ImageAs for my new project. I did what I hardly ever do, and started a blanket. I went back to the ol’ hook and started something with the piles (literally PILES) of yarn that I had in my cabinet. Its not finished yet. And its actually been put on the back burner so I can finish more entertaining projects but here are some photos of it’s beginning stages.Image ImageFor more info on the pattern go to I used a ton of scrap yarn so it looks more…. hippie? than the one on the pattons website. I still like it though because I think I’m more of a hippie than the average pattons website user. 

Now back to the kitchen to finish the super healthy oatmeal cookies I’m making. Gotta work off that cookie belly I’ve developed over the Christmas season… might as well do it with more cookies right? 

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Knittin’ Mittens

For Christmas this year I decided that I’d make my mom a pair of gloves. I just didn’t expect them to be so damn hard.

For the past few years I’ve been crocheting a pair of gloves for my husband every year by Sue Norrad. They’re great gloves/mittens because they’re fingerless gloves with the mitten flap that comes up and over them that make your fingers all warm and toasty but still makes using your iPod and picking up dog poop something you can do without feeling like death.

I had every intention of making these for my mom. But then I looked at them and I looked at the beautiful yarn that I got from the yarn shop (and that wasn’t cheap yarn, and its Michigan made at Stonehedge Fiber Mill) and I had second thoughts.

I’ve been having issues with crocheting for many years now. I love my hooks and I love what I can do with them, but I also hate how clunky so many of my projects end up being. How undeniably chubby they look. I also hate how so many patterns that I see in the magazines and on ravelry look so childish or stuck so deep in the 1980’s that they look like they’ve been cuddling up with Cher. I taught myself how to knit last year in an effort to keep the gloomy Michigan winter from settling into my thoughts (it didn’t work and I wrestled with a good bit of anxiety and depression…only to come through it smiling and relieved) and I’ve been knitting ever since (with the occasional crocheting thrown in for good measure).

So I started to search for another pattern. A knit mitten pattern.

I found nothing.

So I pieced together a bunch of other patterns that I liked but that didn’t quite fit what I needed together and, and I made these mittens. Or I should actually say mitten since I’ve only actually finished the one. Heh.

Its knit on double points (size 8/5mm bamboo hiya hiyas) for the entire piece. I have never done something so complex by myself whilst making pretty much making it up as I go, on knitting needles, let alone of DPNs. Jeeeesus it was a little tricky. At least the thumb was.

The cuff is a k1 p1 and then I used the basic increase principle from Marie’s Plain Four Needle Mittens. I continued to use her format (though I tweaked it since I was using a thicker yarn on a fatter needle) up until the tip of the mitten and then I used my own decrease. I used what I’d learned from so many years of making Sue Norrad’s mitten gloves and all the stuffed animals I’d crocheted and just transferred it to my knitting. I used Marie’s thumb pattern with some more tweaking and then I sighed a hugh sigh of relief and put on my mom’s brand new mitten.

It took me a week and a half to gather the courage to start the whole process again and by that time Christmas was 4 days away so now these are delayed Christmas mittens. But whatever, she’s getting hand made wool mittens. I figure her fingers will be just as cold in January.

So anyway, those are my mitten(s). And that’s how I did them it. But now my husband has made me fajitas. And I must depart to partake. 
Next time: 
A blanket? Wha—?
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Stay tuned!

So…. know I’ve been slacking in the crafty hooker department  as of late. For this I apologize. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been knitting and stitching! I’ve just been super busy. I got a new job, got super involved in pottery and canning over the summer, and sort of lost time to update. But I am back now that the winter has fallen upon south eastern Michigan. Give me a week to gather up my current projects and soon you shall see and read all about my newest knitting passions and new favorite patterns.

Happy Holidays!

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Hipster Bunny

I like to call him a ‘hopster’ but that’s just me. I don’t know if you’ve ever run into a hipster in your town, but Ann Arbor is overrun with these tight pants wearing,  and thick glasses sporting, wool vest enthusiasts.  They ride their silly fixed gear bicycles and say everything is ironic.

On Wednesday, while I was working on a stuffed bunny for Easter, Pete and I were giggling via text message about a local coffee shop.  Comet Coffee is always busting at the seams with hipster college kids which makes it difficult for Pete to get a cup of coffee before class (on the days when he’s in a hurry to get to school, or I can’t wake up in time to make some for him). Pete was venting and then we got to joking about my new bunny, and Hopster was born.

Hopster is sporting a pair of tight blue jeans rolled up with a cuff.  He has a tan wool vest (which is removable should he get warm on those long bike rides).  He’s got a red plaid shirt with the collar peaking out from underneath his vest.  He has an ironic mustache and thick silver glasses. You might think he looks French. Its because he spent a semester abroad. It was okay, but really, its all about Belgium now. He also has a thin rope belt which matches his sweater.

In other news. I finished my pillow. 

You may have noticed I ran out of yarn. But the stripes on the top are pretty cool I think. And the two different sides are pretty nice. I can change my couch pillows now, depending on how I feel. I used more scrap yarn and some Lambs Pride in a maroon/coffee color. I mixed in some black edged squares too (exactly the opposite of what I said in my last post, I know) to mix it up a little. But I tied the whole thing together with the maroon so I feel like its still pretty cohesive. I got so obsessed with this damn thing that I stay up until 2AM to finish it. I watched all of Craig Ferguson (who I really enjoy now) and then a little late night tv just so I could see it through. I’m pretty stoked on it actually.

Its lovely to finish a project.

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Granny is the new Hip

Granny squares seem to be super popular right now. Which is slightly humorous because I remember taking naps on my mom’s bed when I was a little girl and snuggling up to a granny square pillow that a relative of mine made many many years before. These are not new patterns by any means…

I decided the other night (after becoming completely frustrated by a knitting project I was working on…) that I needed something so crochet-y and perfect that I could do it mindlessly but would soothe my soul. Enter the granny square. I took a bunch of scrap yarn and a skein of $3 black acrylic yarn that I bought during my last adventure to Busy Hands, and just started hookin.

The greatest part about crocheting a granny pattern is how much creativity it lends you. You can mix and match colors, patterns and sizes. It took me a little while to try and mix the colors up so they looked good. I have so much damn yarn in my stash and I don’t really like 3/4 of it. So hopefully you won’t have this problem.

I anchored my whole piece in black because I think with a granny, its best when its held together with a single color. It makes all your crazy combinations run together and makes the whole project feel like its actually tied together as a whole. So often if you go off the deep end with colors, your project ends up looking kind of crazy and without much of a single direction. I like my projects to look like a single piece, instead of like I had a stroke mid-project.

If you’re looking for how to make a granny square go to: Its a great how-to with lots of pictures.

Anywho. I’m working on the back half of this pillow now, so I’ll update that soon. Hope all is well in your world.


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